Advertising is Art! But PR is Communication

What value does a million dollar painting have? The same analogy could be applied to the million dollars you spend on your company’s advertising campaigns. Do you really think advertising is worth all the money that you spend? Well, it does, but only when it fulfils a functional purpose and what would that functional purpose be?

The problem lies in the purpose for which you use advertising. Is it to build a brand? Then you have identified your problem. If you think you can build a brand with advertising, then you are absolutely wrong. Only through publicity brands can be built, advertising only serves the purpose of defending the brand. A very powerful function indeed.


What we need to understand  is that, there are no problems as such with advertising, instead the problem lies in the purpose that we use it for. In India most companies spend a fortune on advertising hoping that it will build their brands, instead they should be investing all that money for PR. Please note why I used the word investment for PR. Undoubtedly Advertising is an expenditure while PR is an investment. Because a good PR strategy will get you ROI without fail and you can have my word on that.

So, when it comes to marketing creating the brand with PR and defending the brand with  advertising is the two most essential functions that we need to keep in mind. If you study how peoples mind work psychologically, then you would implement marketing programs that have a lot of PR in it with a touch of creativity. Because PR is constantly growing and evolving and it needs to be 100% original. Thus, the best way to create brands is to make competition irrelevant and the only way to achieve that is to think of new categories and think of something unconventional.



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