How To Build a New Brand With Public Relations

Did you know the fact that the biggest brands in the world have never run a single advertisement in their lifetime? Wondering which ones? Red Bull, The Body Shop, Microsoft, etc. have never used advertising. Its Public Relations that built their brand because when it comes to building brands, Advertising doesn’t take a stand anymore. It’s a good PR strategy that actually brings in publicity and helps build brands.

You need to expose your customers to media messages and these media messages are going to make your brand stronger, not advertising at any cost. There are numerous brands that have globally made their mark with the power of Public Relations alone. PETA is one of my personal favourite brand that has gained worldwide recognition with publicity only.

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Here are Some of The Key Elements Required To Build a Brand using PR Techniques and PR Tools:

Building the Brand Slowly and Gradually:

Try to sneak information to the media for the purpose of building interest and bringing in the suspense factor before the brand has even launched.

The Brand Should Appeal As a New Category:

In today’s world, getting media coverage is harder than you can imagine. Ask a Public Relations professional and he will explain to you what it’s like to draw media attention, because they just don’t seem to print your stuff unless it’s something new. So, your category name is important, because it’s going to be the sole factor that’s going to get you the publicity.

A Celebrity Speaker:

Why is it important to get a celebrity speaker to vouch for your brand? Simple! It gives credibility to your brand.

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So, before you launch your brand make sure you follow these 3 basic steps mentioned above because advertising is going to get you peanuts. It’s only a PR campaign that’s going to build your brand with third party endorsements.

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