Building A Brand With PR Needs Patience

Brand building is a very slow process. It needs patience, perseverance and a good amount of strategical thinking is involved. For any brand to get a significant amount of success, PR is required until the advertising program takes over. When we say that the  brand building process takes time, it’s mainly in terms of the time that is required to build an impression in the minds of the people. It takes time really, until and unless you are an exceptional case and your stars are in the right position. Word of mouth is the best publicity technique and it takes […] Read more

Public Relations and Its True Function

Undoubtedly, the real function of Public Relations is to build brands with publicity. The job of PR is to make the  brand potential enough to attract media attention and that’s the true ethos of the brand. Once the PR objectives have been met, the PR strategies should  continue through advertising and keep reflecting the ideas and perceptions that have been created through the PR program.

However, we need to be thoughtful about the kind of advertisement we run. We have to make sure that we don’t target any new demographic because that will turn out to be a total disaster. Your […] Read more

PR and Its Deep Relation With Psychology and Research

Communication is the working arrangement of the mind. No word is ever acknowledged on its own legitimacy. Every word we use conveys its own impact, which is once in a while, positive, some of the time negative, now and then impartial. So, on the off chance that you aim to change the perception of your organization or brand in the minds of the public, you need to utilize words that mirror the recognition you are attempting to achieve.

In fact, the father of Public Relations Edward Bernays was closely related to Sigmund Freud and was highly motivated with his studies on […] Read more

The Importance of A Celebrity Speaker As a Public Relations Strategy

A public relations program should always focus on a celebrity speaker. Because the media tends to focus on a particular individual. The speaker should be the heart and soul of the brand. Ultimately, apart from  the publicist, to some degree  it’s the celebrity speaker who is going to bring success to the entire PR program. The potency of the speaker will determine whether you are going to get media focus or not.

The success or failure of the brand depends on the speaker and the best celebrity speaker is the CEO of the brand. Because it’s the CEO who is going […] Read more

The Two Step Strategy of PR In Building Brands

What is the best tactic for PR? Before you think of Digital PR keep it out of the picture for now. The best PR tactic is to get a story in one of the key publications that can serve as a backbone for the entire PR program. In order to win the PR, marketing game you got to  be in the first position, because that’s the only way to get famous.

So, PR essentially has a 2 step strategy, you get hell loads of publicity and when you achieve it you change your strategy and protect the brand from negative publicity. […] Read more

How To Build a New Brand With Public Relations

Did you know the fact that the biggest brands in the world have never run a single advertisement in their lifetime? Wondering which ones? Red Bull, The Body Shop, Microsoft, etc. have never used advertising. Its Public Relations that built their brand because when it comes to building brands, Advertising doesn’t take a stand anymore. It’s a good PR strategy that actually brings in publicity and helps build brands.

You need to expose your customers to media messages and these media messages are going to make your brand stronger, not advertising at any cost. There are numerous brands that have globally […] Read more

The Potential of Media Relations

In India, most people believe what they read, hear or see in the media. Be it traditional media or digital media if people get a message from sources they trust, they normally believe in it. Let’s face it, whether it’s a new phone we seek to buy or any service we ought to purchase, we always turn to the media. We check reviews, see what trusted sources have to say and then we go for a purchase isn’t it? We determine what is good to purchase by finding out If people think it’s good to buy or not.

Believe it or […] Read more

Use PR as a Primary Weapon and Advertising, as a Secondary Weapon

As the title suggests we should always use PR as our primary marketing objective and advertising as our secondary objective. Like I have mentioned earlier in one of my previous posts, Use PR for building a brand and advertising for defending a brand. Now, you might be wondering why shouldn’t I use advertising as a primary objective? If you are, then let’s just give a thought to all the advertisements that you see all the time. Do you believe in the messages they expose you to? I don’t. There is always a credibility issue with advertising, but a good PR […] Read more

Traditional Marketing Vs PR Oriented Marketing

From time immemorial companies have been marketing their products and services using a 3 step process,

Developing a new product or service
Carries out some market research to know how buyers are going to behave,
The advertising agency takes over to launch the brand and then run AD campaigns to transcend the product or service as a brand.

Even though this theory of marketing has worked for many organizations, I doubt if it can conquer the minds of the people and build the brand’s positive perception in present times. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about the “Mind” and trust me, […] Read more

Advertising is Art! But PR is Communication

What value does a million dollar painting have? The same analogy could be applied to the million dollars you spend on your company’s advertising campaigns. Do you really think advertising is worth all the money that you spend? Well, it does, but only when it fulfils a functional purpose and what would that functional purpose be?

The problem lies in the purpose for which you use advertising. Is it to build a brand? Then you have identified your problem. If you think you can build a brand with advertising, then you are absolutely wrong. Only through publicity brands can be built, […] Read more