The Paradigm Shift of Public Relations Oriented Marketing

In today’s business scenario, there is a paradigm shift taking place and that dramatic shift is the shift from advertising oriented marketing to public relations related marketing.

It is absolutely impossible to launch a new brand with advertising because it has no credibility at all. The only way to launch a brand is with a decent amount of publicity or PR. It’s the only way an organization can tell its story through third party endorsements i.e. the media.

Well, yes its true Advertising lacks credibility and the opposite applies for PR. If I were to speak to a client I would always suggest that a marketing program should start with PR and then let advertising take over once the PR goals have been achieved. So, when it comes to marketing in India there is a natural evolution taking place and we all are a part of it. Even though it is a global phenomenon, the evolution process initiated at a much later stage and we are just through the first phase of it. Yes! Smart marketers in other countries have already taken to PR, but the faith hasn’t quite developed here yet.

PR should always be a first priority and then advertising should follow only once the PR objectives have been achieved, like I mentioned earlier. Why is it so? It’s because when advertising follows the same theme as the perceptions created by the PR program in the minds of the public, it creates a much much greater impact than a standalone advertising campaign.

But that doesn’t mean that advertising has no value. It has value, only when it is backed by PR. If you talk to a professional who works in an Ad agency, they will always give you opinions that doesn’t put much emphasis on PR primarily, rather they think that the PR process follows after advertising and that’s the root cause why  brands do not get ROI even after spending millions on advertising. Hence, I decided to start this blog. To educate about the PR paradigm shift and the glories of PR as a global phenomenon and why businesses in India should take to PR and put more emphasis on it. The following posts are exactly going to educate why businesses in India should take to PR.


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