The Potential of Media Relations

In India, most people believe what they read, hear or see in the media. Be it traditional media or digital media if people get a message from sources they trust, they normally believe in it. Let’s face it, whether it’s a new phone we seek to buy or any service we ought to purchase, we always turn to the media. We check reviews, see what trusted sources have to say and then we go for a purchase isn’t it? We determine what is good to purchase by finding out If people think it’s good to buy or not.

Believe it or not, people throughout the world determine what’s best to buy by relying on the media or simple word of mouth publicity. This is a global phenomenon, it’s just how people behave throughout the planet. It’s a less realized fact, that we perceive reality through third party sources. Can you imagine participating in life without turning to the media? Of course, everyone doesn’t believe what they read or hear from the media, but let’s face it, each one of us are highly influenced by it.

In comparison to the power of media, where does advertising stand? Nowhere! Advertising has no potential when it comes to building a new brand or rebuilding an old brand. It lacks credibility and that’s why it can never build brands.

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