PR and Its Deep Relation With Psychology and Research

Communication is the working arrangement of the mind. No word is ever acknowledged on its own legitimacy. Every word we use conveys its own impact, which is once in a while, positive, some of the time negative, now and then impartial. So, on the off chance that you aim to change the perception of your organization or brand in the minds of the public, you need to utilize words that mirror the recognition you are attempting to achieve.


In fact, the father of Public Relations Edward Bernays was closely related to Sigmund Freud and was highly motivated with his studies on how the human mind works and that’s the real essence of PR. If you don’t understand psychology and how the minds of the people work, you stand nowhere in this profession. However, PR has evolved a lot over the years and so did the collective consciousness of the people. People want engagement nowadays, they want conversation and the right information at the right time.  We need to start conversations on social platforms,  give them what they need and directly converse with them, rather than exposing them to bogus media messages.


In order to change the way people perceive your product, service or organization, you need to know how the brain functions, you need to know how your targeted  publics behave, you need to know what they eat, what they wear, you need to know all that you can about them and in order to achieve that you need to carry out research. The problem with today’s organizations is that they spend minimal on research and that effects the PR program in whole. When it comes to implementing a successful PR program, At every step research is required. Without research, you cannot analyse how your PR program has changed the way people behave and how their perceptions towards your organization has changed.

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