Public Relations and Its True Function

Undoubtedly, the real function of Public Relations is to build brands with publicity. The job of PR is to make the  brand potential enough to attract media attention and that’s the true ethos of the brand. Once the PR objectives have been met, the PR strategies should  continue through advertising and keep reflecting the ideas and perceptions that have been created through the PR program.

However, we need to be thoughtful about the kind of advertisement we run. We have to make sure that we don’t target any new demographic because that will turn out to be a total disaster. Your brand advertising shouldn’t target any new demographic, rather it should support the PR program that has already run its course. When it comes to changing perception in the minds of the people, advertising has no role to play, it can only maintain the perception that has been already created.

One of the advantageous roles that advertising serves is that it gets you back in the position of a leader. When you want to fortify your position as a leader, advertising can do wonders because advertising that portrays your leadership position definitely gives you an upper hand in the marketing war. So, when your leadership position is mixed and matched with the perception of your uniqueness or the superiority of your services or your brand that solves a particular problem that has already been created through publicity, it definitely gives you a winning advantage.

Then again, if you look at advertisement from an ROI approach, it’s going to get your peanuts.  Advertisement is damn expensive and in return it gets you no profit at all. But,PR strategies are much more impactful and it can be implemented at much lesser expense than advertising. The real function of advertising is to defend the brand and stay ahead of the competition. The price that you pay for your advertising campaign is just to protect the brand, but when you spend a fortune on advertising thinking that you are going to get profits, then you are leading yourself to disappointment for sure.

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