Traditional Marketing Vs PR Oriented Marketing

From time immemorial companies have been marketing their products and services using a 3 step process,

  • Developing a new product or service
  • Carries out some market research to know how buyers are going to behave,
  • The advertising agency takes over to launch the brand and then run AD campaigns to transcend the product or service as a brand.

Even though this theory of marketing has worked for many organizations, I doubt if it can conquer the minds of the people and build the brand’s positive perception in present times. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about the “Mind” and trust me, human minds work in mysterious ways. There is a big credibility issue with advertising and people hardly accept the messages that the advertisements provide.

public relations

Did you know how some products and services have turned into big brands? With Public Relations because a well planned PR strategy penetrates the minds of the public creating exactly the perception that is required for  building the right perception. So, unless the marketing is PR, marketing there are no chances of success. Data reveals that this is a true fact, the best brands today like Google, Amazon, Harry Potter, etc. have been made by no advertising at all.

Research shows that PR is way more effective than advertising when it comes to building a brand. However, there is a still negative mindset that marketing is independent of PR and has no role in it. But, that’s the kind of destructive mentality that is destroying brands. PR is the only way out. If you are not using PR, then its ‘Game Over’ for your product or service.

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