The Two Step Strategy of PR In Building Brands

What is the best tactic for PR? Before you think of Digital PR keep it out of the picture for now. The best PR tactic is to get a story in one of the key publications that can serve as a backbone for the entire PR program. In order to win the PR, marketing game you got to  be in the first position, because that’s the only way to get famous.

So, PR essentially has a 2 step strategy, you get hell loads of publicity and when you achieve it you change your strategy and protect the brand from negative publicity. Well! Yes, it’s hard to get publicity, but hey! Nothing is easy, right? But, once you have created enough publicity, and have reached to the top, do you know what you get? A powerful brand!


But, once you’ve generated enough publicity make sure you’ve changed your PR strategy. You don’t need too much publicity anymore, all you need to do is generate enough publicity to defend the brand.

When you are in the starting phase, start small, start with smaller publications and then target the big players. Get there slowly, but gradually. PR plans need a significant amount of time to bear fruits. In PR you start small but strategically unlike advertising where you go all in right at the start. End result? No sales! Too much investment and no significant growth.

Remember, PR needs patience. Because you are dealing with journalists here. I know too many budding journalists and you really need patience with them as much as you need it with your buyers.

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