Use PR as a Primary Weapon and Advertising, as a Secondary Weapon

As the title suggests we should always use PR as our primary marketing objective and advertising as our secondary objective. Like I have mentioned earlier in one of my previous posts, Use PR for building a brand and advertising for defending a brand. Now, you might be wondering why shouldn’t I use advertising as a primary objective? If you are, then let’s just give a thought to all the advertisements that you see all the time. Do you believe in the messages they expose you to? I don’t. There is always a credibility issue with advertising, but a good PR strategy can  always help build the credibility that you need because it’s impossible to achieve that with advertising.


So, when it comes to marketing a brand, the strategic use of both Public Relations and Advertising is required. To get into the minds of the people, you need third party endorsements and that can be only achieved with media relations.

In today’s marketing scenario PR is what is needed to be used primarily and you just can’t turn to your ad agency for strategic marketing advice. You need a public relations officer  or a PR professional who can devise a right PR strategy for you.


It’s the future generation and with all trends, marketing has also changed. It’s not an advertisement that brings you the sales, but rather PR that is going to advantage you in every sphere. It’s the age of PR and its going to earn the respect that it deserves soon enough. Because, advertising involves only money and brings out nothing, but PR gets you credibility and helps you gain the publicity that you need to launch & build your brand.

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